How does Aussie Hours work?

Aussie Hours helps you find opening times for the businesses closest to you! Whether you're craving fast food in the middle of the night or you need some emergency medicine, Aussie Hours makes it very easy for you to find what you need: simply type in your location and the category you're searching for, and then choose from the displayed list of results.

Does it cost anything to use Aussie Hours?

Aussie Hours is absolutely free of charge!

What do I do if the displayed opening hours are not correct?

Aussie Hours tries to maintain correct and accurate information at all times. However, if you find that any data is incorrect, please click the "Report incorrect information" button, on the upper right side of the company's page. Then you will be redirected to a contact from, where you will be asked to fill out a form with the incorrect information you wish to report.

What if I find my own company listed and I did not previously agree upon this?

Your company's data and information is collected from the Cylex Business Directory. If you do not wish your company to be listed on Aussie Hours, please contact us and we will take the necessary measures.

Do you take into account holiday schedules or lunch breaks during the work day?

We are working toward implementing these special schedules as soon as possible!

Can I have an Aussie Hours listing without displaying my opening hours?

No, Aussie Hours listings are created automatically upon registration on Cylex Local Search once you have filled in your Opening Hours field. Please note that if you delete your opening hours from your Cylex listing, your Aussie Hours page will be automatically deleted in its entirety within 3 months. If your opening hours are irregular, you may list them under “Appointments” and still keep your Aussie Hours listing active. Also, you may use the Special Opening Hours tab in your Cylex dashboard to enter special hours in advance for the days when your business has an irregular schedule, like holidays or special events.